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Posted by Tom Cheesewright on

The Joy of Geekery

Lying in bed this week, knocked out by one of these bugs going round, I wondered what my seven-year-old self would have made of the entertainment and tools at my disposal.

Once I woke up I quickly devoured the remaining articles from the weekend’s papers, and then started looking for something else to keep me entertained. Being a geek, I hooked my laptop up to the network, downloaded some video files off my media PC and settled down to watch a bit of sci-fi that my seven-year-old self would definitely have appreciated. That seems so normal now, yet my seven-year-old eyes would have boggled at the concept.

It reminded me just how incredibly different the world is now to how it was just twenty-odd years ago. Today the sense of wonder that the Book of the Future inspired in me remains, but now the wonder is at real-life devices. It’s easy to take it all for granted, but sometimes we just have to take a step back and appreciate the wonder of some of the advances around us.

Tom Cheesewright