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Something Must Be Done! Panorama goes all Daily Mail

I haven’t yet seen last night’s Panorama, but by all accounts it was a fairly shocking affair. Who needs the Daily Mail to scaremonger, when the widely trusted and impartial BBC can do it better?

Science degrees may not be cool, but at least if we had a few more geeks in the media we could get away from this nonsensical approach to news. “Electromagnetic radiation? Oooh, sounds scary. Best do an expose on it.”

Only this morning I read a story about a campaign by ‘families’ to get at least one of the three mobile phone masts ‘near’ their houses moved. Try telling them that the radiation from their phone is many times what they will receive from the mast, or that the further they are from the mast, the more radiation it will emit. They won’t listen. Of course they don’t want to hear that — that would mean giving up their mobile phone. Much easier to believe that the big scary mast is the problem, rather than their cute little handset.

Before crying ‘something must be done’, people really ought to do a little reading.

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Tom Cheesewright