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Posted by Tom Cheesewright on

No Credit Crunch For Tech

There’s a credit crunch going on apparently. There’s even talk of a global recession. But somehow that doesn’t seem to be affecting the tech industry. At least, not its spending plans.

This isn’t some empirical study, merely observed phenomena: more tech companies are actively seeking marketing support than I have seen for some time. The weeks preceding and following Christmas have been a whirlwind of new business meetings. Existing clients seem to have a bit more freedom with their budgets, and prospective clients seem to be very positive about their capability to fund some fairly innovative projects. The mood is good.

This could of course be a very localised happening, constrained to the North West where tech seems to be particularly booming at the moment. But there are companies in London and the South East, and even in the stricken US, all looking for support and suggesting they have the money to fund it.

How long this will last I don’t know. I don’t think there will be a dot-com style boom. But I’m hopeful that the tech industry may at least not suffer too badly, should a recession come. Fingers crossed…

Tom Cheesewright