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I was looking forward to trying out my latest gadget this weekend with a barbecue, but like the rest of the country my plans have been foiled by the weather. The GrillSlinger is a heavy-duty holster for your barbecue tools, and so far it has generated mixed reactions from those to whom I’ve shown it. The split is very much on gender lines. Women just laugh; men laugh then ask where they can get one. Weather-permitting I hope to give it a proper test soon.

The GrillSlinger came from Firebox.com, and was originally meant to be for a review of outdoor gadgets on Sam Walker’s Life Lessons. Unfortunately the package didn’t arrive in time for the radio show, so the kind PR team at Firebox has le us hang on to the contents a bit longer. While I’ve got the GrillSlinger, Sam hopes to test out the QuickPitch tent at Glastonbury, and producer Gaelan will be testing the Shock Ball. I think I got the best deal there…

Tom Cheesewright