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Posted by Tom Cheesewright on

Beer + Geekery = Short Circuit

You can imagine the expletives.

After hours of effort, I’m almost at the end of my well-documented attempt to turn an old laptop in to a LinuxMCE-based digital picture frame. I have fixed all bar one of the bugs (disabling the powersaving that kept turning the screen off).

I decide to have another dig around in the bios, which requires pushing buttons on the original keyboard, now taped to the back of the motherboard. Thanks to my beer-blunted dexterity, one of the remaining mounting points for the keyboard is depressed to the point where it touches the voltage circuitry. There’s a flash of blue and then a whining noise. The project is dead.

What annoys me most is that I had considered this possibility earlier in the day but hadn’t done anything about it. Doh!

So, I’m now on the look out for an old, broken laptop to start all over again. Unfortunately my first port of call, RealCycle, is refusing to accept my posts, however I submit them. I have emailed the administrators but to no avail — they won’t tell me what I’ve done to offend them or what I’m doing wrong. So if you have an old laptop with a cracked case and/or a dead battery and/or broken keyboard, do let me know.

Tom Cheesewright