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Posted by Tom Cheesewright on

BBC’s The Big Questions: Luddites 1, Bookofthefuture 0

Just got home from Bury Grammar School for Boys and the filming of The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell. Haven’t watched it back yet but pretty sure I lost the debate on the measure of public opinion. Not really all that surprised about that though, and thoroughly enjoyed participating.

It’s amazing how well a lot of the participants spoke under that kind of pressure with very little preparation. I’m getting used to winging it in live environments now but I thought many of the other participants were very impressive. Particularly the precocious Jordan who I have encountered before. Amazed some enterprising producer hasn’t put him on the track to stardom yet.

All in, you can’t really advance the debate in a 20 minute slot, but it was good that it gets aired, especially following the idiocy of recent headlines (such as the Daily Mail’s ‘Facebook gives you cancer’). Even Dame Ann Leslie, a Daily Mail contributor, conceded that was ridiculous. As Bidisha so cleverly put it, we are in the throws of a communications revolution, and it will take time for the new order to be properly established. But I remain convinced that when it is, we will all agree that the change has been — on the whole — positive.

When it has gone live, you’ll be able to watch it here.

Tom Cheesewright