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Leave the Earth Behind: Separatist Scientists – Repost from

This is a rather angry piece I wrote for my other blog (now dormant again) a few weeks back.


I’m getting a little sick of science denialists. The people who — either through sheer bonkersness or for personal profit — reject established scientific orthodoxy on all manner of things: vaccination, global warming, AIDS, evolution, homeopathy. I’m all for scepticism, but beyond a certain point if you haven’t accepted the weight of evidence, you are simply not a rational person worth debating with. Unfortunately the anti-science movement seems to be gathering pace rather than diminishing. Even though support for organised religion seems to be waning, its influence doesn’t appear to be following suit, and the raft of alternative ‘spiritual’ belief systems is more than filling any gap.

For me this is potentially the start of an evolutionary split in humanity. I’m going to have to be careful not to stray into the realms of some form of supremacist theory here, and I realise as I’m writing that I risk being deeply offensive. But this blog was always meant to be about opinions and debate (not the car build blog it has been so far).

Lack of investment notwithstanding, we’re not that far from making space travel more practical than experimental. With our scientific knowledge even at current levels, settling other worlds is not an absurd prospect. So at some point in the future, if there remains this schism between the scientific and the anti-science, could we perhaps split our society over two worlds?

I’d obviously rather work to bring the rest of society along with us, but sometimes my frustration at the nonsense given credence by certain sections of the public (and the media), does make me want to jump in a rocket ship and start afresh on another world.

Tom Cheesewright