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Posted by Tom Cheesewright on

Live in fear! Keep your gadgets hidden when you’re out and about

I carry a lot of gadgets. At this moment I have iPhone, iPad, and laptop with me, and often I have even more — especially when I have things for review.

This is not an invitation to mug me.

But if I were to be mugged, from some of the police advertising out there you’d think it was my fault. ‘Keep it hidden’ messages irritate the hell out of me. I’m not advocating waving high value items in the face of passers by until they get snatched. However I do expect to be able to use the gadgets I have bought for the purpose for which they were designed, without somehow feeling that I’m the one transgressing.

For example, this week I was in Liverpool. I had no idea how to get from the station to my meeting. I could have bought a map and navigated with that, keeping my iPhone hidden. But why do that when my iPhone has been cleverly equipped with a GPS system and compass? Of course that means walking through an unfamiliar city with a £400 gadget held out in front of me (not quite Delboy Filofax style but you get the picture). That understandably made me a little nervous (not because it was Liverpool stereotype fans), but it would feel like a small but significant loss of liberty to change my behaviour because of the fear of the small chance that I might be mugged.

I accept that at some point I am likely to be mugged for my gadgets. There are some desperate people out there. I hope this article isn’t tempting fate. But I also hope that if it happens I won’t change my behaviour and walk around with all my gadgets hidden away, fearful of what might happen.

That way madness lies.

Tom Cheesewright