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Dreaming of a Den

I am in the process of moving house. It’s going to take a while, as the house I’m buying won’t be available until a few months after I have to be out of the house I am selling. Which combined with an extraordinarily busy period at work, and a new baby due, means that reviews and writing are taking a little bit of a back seat at the moment, although I will continue to appear pretty regularly on local and national radio.

Part of the barrier to my doing effective gadget reviews in the past has been a lack of space. When the only place you have to test gadgets is the living room, shared with wife and two year old, there’s only so much testing you can do. Certainly nothing valuable can be left out, especially when it stops said two year old getting to her toys.

I feel a little nervous talking about it as it could all still fall apart, but if it does go to plan then the new house has space galore. In fact I will have my own decent-sized den, dedicated to geeky pursuits. Suffice to say I am excited.

The current plan is as follows:

  • A full room height 19in rack to replace the current Toy Cupboard, with space for a wide range of rack-mounted gear: servers, networking, home automation, and AV gear, all designed to be accessible from the rear so that I don’t need eight foot arms and the ability to see around corners to wire things up
  • A project workstation to give me space to play with things like Arduino so that I can finally do some more fun little ‘makes’
  • A decent computer desk (with space for gaming paraphernalia)
  • A sofa, perhaps with a small beer fridge alongside, and something on which to rest my feet
  • A flexible home-cinema system with easily swappable components, TV, and speakers so that I can start to test this stuff more easily
  • A variety of games consoles including 8-bit Nintendo, arcade emulator, and X-box Kinect (bring on Kinect StarWars)
  • Lots and lots of storage filling all the remaining space

It’s going to be tight getting all that in, even in a space the size that it is. But assuming all goes to plan it will be very exciting and should see a significant expansion of my geek output. Watch this space.



Tom Cheesewright