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Top 5 News Stories 2014-12-12

Every day on our social media feeds (FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus) we share a variety of stories about technology and the future. These were the five stories that proved most popular with likes, retweets, shares and comments this week.

  1. Google to kill News service in Spain due to new law http://engt.co/1zag1UV
  2. The Uno Noteband Doesn’t Waste Time With Notificationshttp://tcrn.ch/1skV3h6
  3. Twitter looks back on 2014 http://tnw.co/1zNLnA3
  4. Pyro Wristwatch Shoots Fireballs, Is Awesome http://bit.ly/1w8i9ga
  5. How It Feels To Ride A Real Hoverboard http://tcrn.ch/12WYvZu
Tom Cheesewright