A Solution To Uncertainty Part 1: Intersections

A Solution To Uncertainty Part 1: Intersections

Earlier this year I wrote about uncertainty. You can read the post for the details, but in short I believe that every organisation in the UK is operating in an increasingly uncertain environment.

When I wrote that post I suggested that we would be offering an approach to tackling that uncertainty. Now we are.

Intersections is the first of three tools that we are releasing for download. It costs £19.99 including VAT. For that you get two documents. A guidebook and a set of printable templates.

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The guidebook walks you through six simple steps.

  1. 3D Lens: Explains how we filter the factors affecting organisations to focus on the ones that matter most
  2. Pressure Points: Helps you to identify the issues that are currently bubbling under in your organisation and the environment in which you operate
  3. Macro Trends: Explains the five most transformational macro trends
  4. Intersections: Cross reference the macro trends with your internal and external pressure points to understand where change will happen
  5. Scaling: Rank your Intersections based on scale of impact
  6. Filter: Create a shortlist of the most import issues you need to address today

Following these six steps should take a matter of hours. In less than half a day you will have clarity. Not a complete vision of the future but an understanding of the greatest threats and opportunities that it presents.

An understanding on the basis of which you can take action.

That action can take a number of forms. In the near future we will be releasing a further two tools.

Arcs is a framework for telling your story of tomorrow. For translating your Intersections into a narrative that catalyses change in your organisation.

Stratification is a template for agile organisations. A means of turning slow, monolithic organisations into agile enterprises, ready for change today and in the future.

You can buy the Intersections template from the Content Store today. Drop us a line if you have any questions about Arcs or Stratification.

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