Back to Basics

Back to Basics

It’s always a bad sign when bloggers blog about their own blogging. But occasionally if you believe you have any readers at all, it feels kind of necessary.

Hence this brief post to explain why all the custom styles of this blog are disappearing for a while to be replaced with a nice, clean Twenty Eleven theme, with a few kludged customisations and a home-made logo.

The reality is that the old template was assembled when I had a lot more time to blog: reviewing gadgets, playing with tech at home and sharing my views. Today CANDDi consumes most of my time, and I get enough opportunity to spout opinions thanks to the patience of producers on BBC Breakfast, 5live, Radio Manchester and the other local stations that let me pontificate on air. The blog is a little unloved and the old template, shaped for a much greater output, made this abundantly clear.

So for now it has been replaced with a more pared-back theme. I will keep it updated and endeavour to post at least weekly, and I’m sure the blog will live again in its full form once CANDDi has earned us all our millions.

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