22nd February 2019

Where are you?

Every journey to tomorrow has to start with an honest assessment of where you are today, and sometimes that requires uncomfortable self-examination

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14th February 2019

Suburban Capitals

The growth in suurban capitals suggests a mechanism for diffusing wealth around the country, but it’s not without risks and it requires investment.

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5th February 2019

Gigabit dreams

A new broadband trial from Virgin Media promises multi-gigabit speeds to the home. How will we use such incredible bandwidth in the future?

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1st February 2019

Invent your own job for the future

What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s hard to answer when 85% of jobs in 2030 may not have been invented yet. Maybe you can invent your own?

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23rd January 2019

When recycled is better than new

Adding single layer materials like graphene to recycled plastics can create a range of new materials with properties perfectly suited to their application

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16th January 2019

Say sorry, or else…

A heartfelt apology is a powerful thing. It’s a show of humanity, of empathy. In an age of automation, we should learn to value it more.

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15th January 2019

Slow, slow, quick quick slow

Travel shows us how differently change affects different markets. There is no single future, everyone is touched differently by waves of change

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7th January 2019

Applied Futurism in 2019

New brand, new website, new book, new courses: this is what you can expect from me and applied futurism in 2019

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3rd December 2018

Future energy: The medium is the message

Batteries don’t have to be discrete items. In the future, almost anything will be able to generate and store its own power.

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30th November 2018

Halfway between a stranger and a friend

Greater community engagement and peer support can’t replace our over-stretched services and crumbling infrastructure. But it can mitigate their effects.

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Tom Cheesewright