1st May 2019

Let’s play Fear of the Future BINGO!

We all fear the future. But it’s inbumbent on us to confront those fears with rationality and intelligence, nor fear and ignorance.

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25th April 2019

Deliveroo for Builders

The construction industry has to change. with today’s high friction model replaced by a slick network of interactions – a Deliveroo for builders

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17th April 2019

How to be hyper-decisive

Hyper-decisiveness is a critical part of building a future-ready organisation, but to build it you need more than just technology

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10th April 2019

Even giants fall

We have a sense that today’s digital giants are unbeatable, but they are no more secure in their positions than the behemoths of old.

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8th April 2019

Betamax was not better than VHS

VHS didn’t win because of porn. VHS didn’t win because of marketing. VHS won by matching features and price to the consumer’s needs. And that’s technical superiority.

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4th April 2019

Building the Bionic Banker

When it comes to our banking interactions, there is good friction and there is bad friction. Eliminate the good friction and you risk customer loyalty.

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2nd April 2019

Future Energy: Why batteries beat hydrogen

Hydrogen and fuel cells absolutely have a place in the future energy mix. But batteries will take the majority of the market share. Here’s why.

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26th March 2019

What Apple’s announcements mean for the future of TV

Apple’s big name content signings have caught all the headlines, but its move into curation is much more important for the future of TV

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20th March 2019

Smart Cities are about cost. Living Cities are about value.

Smart cities have become highly associated with the austerity era, an attempt to operate our existing cities at lower financial and environmental cost

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12th March 2019

The ideology at the heart of the web

The goal for the web is to create a single source of knowledge accessible to all humanity. Every attempt to splinter it undermines this goal. We have a choice to make.

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Tom Cheesewright