22nd January 2021

You can’t dig yourself out of a hole

The economic picture is bleak. We can’t cut our way out. It’s time to invest. We just need to do it in the right places.

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7th January 2021

A digital life after death

Microsoft has filed a patent to turn someone’s digital personality into a chatbot. Is this our first attempt at resurrection?

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18th December 2020

And so, this is Christmas…

Another year over and a new one… about to begin. What happened? And what does the new year hold? Here are my 2021 predictions

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4th December 2020

The brain in the jar

The brain in the jar is a staple of science fiction: minds that can be dropped into new bodies or digital environments. But it’s wrong.

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18th November 2020

Long read: 5G and Mixed Reality

Two transformative technologies, one facing delays, one advancing fast. How will 5G and mixed reality change our world?

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5th November 2020

Replacing the car

If we are to tackle the challenges of the car, we need to replace the sense of freedom it offers, for rich and poor, individuals and families

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21st October 2020

Disrupting housebuilding

How do you disrupt our broken housing market? Make it easier to build than buy, cheaper to build than rent, and give people security & sustainability

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15th October 2020

Review: A New History of the Future in 100 Objects

A New History of the Future in 100 Objects plots out our current path sixty years into the future, and the opportunities and challenges along the way

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8th October 2020

When half our money is spent online

What happens when half our money is spent online? What will it do to jobs, shops, and cities? Things looked bleak after 2008, but there is a long way to go.

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2nd October 2020

Moving from chaos to integration

We’re reaching a turning point in the COVID crisis. The time has come for leaders to take radical decisions about their future direction.

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Tom Cheesewright