12th February 2020

Net luxury is the only viable approach to tackling climate change

Social pressure is failing to change people’s behaviours to address climate change. We need to align good behaviour with good living.

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6th February 2020

The future of planning

How do we plan our built environment for an uncertain future of change and diversity? The future of planning is about insight and adaptability.

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30th January 2020

The internet of the future is a quest to close the gap between physical and digital

The internet of the future will underpin even more of our interactions, both social and commercial, so it must be simple, speedy and seamless.

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29th January 2020

#AskAFuturist: When will we see the end of cash?

“What year doth dosh disappear forever?” This was the precise question asked on Twitter by Sandy Lindsay MBE. Here’s my answer.

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22nd January 2020

How can business help us to avoid dystopia?

How can businesses help to avoid dystopia? This is the question posed to a panel I joined, organised by the Charities Aid Foundation.

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17th January 2020

#AskAFuturist: Will we ever have driverless cars?

Answering a sceptic on Twitter as part of my #AskAFuturist series, I explain whether we will ever have driverless cars, and why he’s right to be sceptical

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14th January 2020

Why High Frequency Change doesn’t affect everything

We feel like change happens faster now but many things remain unchanged for decades. Why? Here are some reasons that high frequency change doesn’t affect everything.

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9th January 2020

Will we really eat insects in the future?

Will we really eat insects in the future? In my future pizza project, I explored the role of insects in making healthier, more climate-friendly foods.

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6th January 2020


2020 is the year of #FutureProof, when I will be launching a new book and running events to help you to future-proof your business.

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30th December 2019

Five trends for the 2020s

What are the trends for the 2020s that will define sustainable success for your career and your company? Futurist Tom Cheesewright picks his top five.

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Tom Cheesewright