25th June 2021

Further and higher education: The dividing line

The number of students in further education has collapsed, undermining the UK’s ability to prepare people for the future

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20th May 2021

The Future Home: A Smart, Green, Machine for Living In

I’ve been working with Hive looking at the future of the smart home with particular regard to sustainability. Here are my predictions.

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14th May 2021

The Trust Gap

What has happened to trust in authority? And ill trust in media, politicians and experts be restored in the coming generations?

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30th April 2021

All the world’s a stadium and all the men and women merely gamers

What does it mean to be a winner in the game of life today? And how much control can we exert over the rules?

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26th March 2021

If the future is female, then we need to deal with the past

Our culture constantly reinforces a sense of male entitlement to women’s bodies and service. Until we challenge it, nothing will change.

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11th March 2021

When the flame goes out

Kids are bemused by old technologies that were critical to us but which have now disappeared, leaving only echoes. What technologies are likely to disappear in the near future? Here’s one suggestion, explored in fiction.

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7th January 2021

A digital life after death

Microsoft has filed a patent to turn someone’s digital personality into a chatbot. Is this our first attempt at resurrection?

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18th December 2020

And so, this is Christmas…

Another year over and a new one… about to begin. What happened? And what does the new year hold? Here are my 2021 predictions

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4th December 2020

The brain in the jar

The brain in the jar is a staple of science fiction: minds that can be dropped into new bodies or digital environments. But it’s wrong.

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18th November 2020

Long read: 5G and Mixed Reality

Two transformative technologies, one facing delays, one advancing fast. How will 5G and mixed reality change our world?

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Tom Cheesewright