16th January 2019

Say sorry, or else…

A heartfelt apology is a powerful thing. It’s a show of humanity, of empathy. In an age of automation, we should learn to value it more.

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15th January 2019

Slow, slow, quick quick slow

Travel shows us how differently change affects different markets. There is no single future, everyone is touched differently by waves of change

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7th January 2019

Applied Futurism in 2019

New brand, new website, new book, new courses: this is what you can expect from me and applied futurism in 2019

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3rd December 2018

Future energy: The medium is the message

Batteries don’t have to be discrete items. In the future, almost anything will be able to generate and store its own power.

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30th November 2018

Halfway between a stranger and a friend

Greater community engagement and peer support can’t replace our over-stretched services and crumbling infrastructure. But it can mitigate their effects.

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21st November 2018

Raging against the invisible machine

The Luddites smashed machines they could see that were taking their jobs. How will the new Luddites rage against invisible, ephemeral machines?

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19th November 2018

The age of creativity is over

The age of creativity is over, replaced by an unrelenting focus on optimisation that locks us into a cycle of failure based on business as usual

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28th September 2018

Two steps forward, one step back

Driving through the Italian countryside on the way back to Rome’s Ciampino airport, an ancient […]

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18th September 2018

Save your career. Get a new hobby

Up there with the most frequent questions I am asked is this: “What should I […]

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13th September 2018

Brexit & the two Canutes

Amazingly, this week marks the first time a client has asked me, formally, to look […]

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Tom Cheesewright