31st July 2020

The city is dead. Long live the city.

I appeared on Radio 4’s Moral Maze this week. Here is a version of the argument I made in favour of the city – the only answer to the three crises we face.

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24th July 2020

A race between the four horsemen

Four horsemen of disaster are vying to define our next three decades. Which one lands its blows first will determine our future.

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16th July 2020

The population implosion

A new report warns of a population implosion by the middle of this century. What does this mean for humanity and how should we respond?

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1st July 2020

Robots don’t take jobs

We will never understand the impact of automation until we differentiate jobs from work. Robots can do work but not jobs.

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23rd June 2020

Will we be growing plants in space by 2100? #AskAFuturist

Rich McEachran asks, “How feasible is it that we’ll be cultivating plants in space on a large scale by 2100? The science is there but the logistics isn’t… yet.”

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11th June 2020

The price of performance

What price a permanent position on the stage of your own home office? How do we cope when our working success is measured by constant communication?

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3rd June 2020

Change: Separating plastic from elastic

Engineers talk about elastic change that springs back, & plastic – permanent – change. When talking about the lockdown, people frequently confuse the two.

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29th May 2020

Will Strictly go on forever? #AskAFuturist

How long will our love affair last with the glitzy record breaking show, Strictly Come Dancing? When will it be replaced in our affections – and by what?

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19th May 2020

What will the future world be built from? #AskAFuturist

What are the materials from which we will build tomorrow’s world? Will it be graphene, or borophene, or materials we have yet to discover?

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14th May 2020

Your next new car might be a new brand, and a new shape

Your next new car might not look like your old one. And it might come from a brand you’ve never heard of. What will you be driving in the future?

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Tom Cheesewright