21st August 2018

Sensory Overload

It’s fashionable to knock email at the moment. Plenty of articles have been written about […]

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Is our future fractured or diverse?

Who are you? How is that identity defined? What groups do you associate with? And […]

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17th August 2018

Simplicity is hard. That’s why it is valuable.

Simplicity is hard. That’s why it is valuable. I am subject to one criticism more […]

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8th August 2018

Every question is easy when you know the answer

With the exception of the occasional pub quiz polymath, most of us have our specialist […]

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30th July 2018

Dreams of flight

I used to dream about flying. A lot. The dreams were extremely vivid. I knew […]

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19th July 2018

Google’s antitrust fine: facing platform fear

Google’s antitrust fine: facing platform fear For most companies, the prospect of a £3.8bn fine would […]

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12th July 2018

How different do you want the future to be?

“Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.” Ever seen that disclaimer on an investment […]

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3rd July 2018

What would Archimedes’ lever be made from?

What would Archimedes’ lever be made from? “Give me a lever long enough, and a place […]

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27th June 2018

Tomorrow’s cars will reshape our cities

Tomorrow’s cars will reshape our cities When I’m explaining the idea of today’s phenomenon of high […]

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22nd June 2018

The distributed home

The BBC has analysed the rapid growth of city centre living, putting numbers to the […]

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Tom Cheesewright