24th September 2020

Developing the distributed workforce

The longer the lockdown continues, the greater the acceleration in existing trends towards hybrid working and fully remote organisations

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18th September 2020

Jack of all trades

To be ‘a Jack of all trades’ has been variously a compliment and an insult, and most recently, an attack on expertise. But is it what we need to be?

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11th September 2020

We’re still human

Lockdown is excluding us from tactile experiences. Any answer to this & future pandemics cannot divorce our digital consciousness from physical interaction.

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3rd September 2020

It’s good to be lazy

Laziness motivates us to find better ways to do things. Far from decrying ‘lazy’ home workers, we should be celebrating their instincts.

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28th August 2020


Low friction global communication has enabled our fracture into tiny tribes, each with strong views, tight borders, and fierce opposition

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19th August 2020

The future holiday: long but costly

In my research into the future holiday, I looked at the pressures facing the future of travel and the trends that will define how we vacation.

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Hybrid working seems like the natural route but it requires careful thought

This month I have been working with the global communications company Poly on a report on the future of work and particularly, hybrid working.

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6th August 2020

COVID has highlighted continuing class divides

Discussions of class are rather muted alongside louder debates of race, sex, gender and age. But class is an important conversation in age uncertainty.

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31st July 2020

The city is dead. Long live the city.

I appeared on Radio 4’s Moral Maze this week. Here is a version of the argument I made in favour of the city – the only answer to the three crises we face.

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24th July 2020

A race between the four horsemen

Four horsemen of disaster are vying to define our next three decades. Which one lands its blows first will determine our future.

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Tom Cheesewright