27th June 2018

Tomorrow’s cars will reshape our cities

Tomorrow’s cars will reshape our cities When I’m explaining the idea of today’s phenomenon of high […]

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22nd June 2018

The distributed home

The BBC has analysed the rapid growth of city centre living, putting numbers to the […]

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15th June 2018

Spellcheck for truth

I’m at a conference in Prague, bringing together the sales team for my client, BTC […]

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7th June 2018

What does a practical commitment to innovation look like?

I went back to the city where I grew up yesterday, though it wasn’t a […]

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1st June 2018

The privilege of stability

Can you make good decisions when you’re on a burning platform? It’s eight years now […]

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24th May 2018

You work too hard

70% of employees work more than their contracted hours. This is according to a new […]

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18th May 2018

Slow down to speed up

Sometimes everyone needs a new perspective. Someone else’s take on your challenges. I’m a big […]

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Future of work: What matters?

I’m working on a talk on the future of work at the moment, to be […]

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10th May 2018

The bandwidth between us and our machines is falling

There aren’t many people still working who remember passing instructions to machines via punched cards. […]

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Flying car reality check

I started this morning early, talking to James Max on TalkRadio about Uber’s latest announcements […]

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Tom Cheesewright