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Auto Trader Group plc is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace.Auto Trader has over 90% prompted brand awareness with consumers, and attracts over 49 million cross platform visits each month. The audience is not only large but highly engaged with a 76% share of minutes spent across automotive classified sites. The marketplace also hosts the largest pool of vehicle sellers (listing more than 450,000 cars each day). Over 80% of UK automotive retailers advertise on

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Project: Envisioning the future car

Futurist Tom Cheesewright worked with Auto Trader to produce an in-depth report on the future car, looking at how it will transform over 10, 20 and 30 years. Using the Intersections methodology, Tom suggested a series of changes, covering electrification, self-driving, and cultural changes in our attitude to the automobile.

Tom supported the launch of the report by acting as spokesperson for the research, completing a day of radio interviews and a follow-up appearance on TV.

The story received extensive coverage, including on BBC News and newspapers and magazines around the world.

Project Type: Writing / Broadcasting

Category: Future of Transport

Tags: automotive, client-story, future car, travel

Watch Tom on BBC World Business Report

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Is this the car of the future? Self-driving electric vehicle that changes COLOUR could be on the roads by 2050, expert claims

Tom Cheesewright