Client: EFMA

Non-profit organization created in 1971 by leading European banks, Efma has extended its borders in 2012 and is now the preferred network of over 3,300 bank and insurance brands in 130 countries all around the world.Efma unites financial services industry professionals within a global and reliable network and facilitates connection and exchange among the sector’s decision-makers.Their purpose is to support the members and create a strong community based on expertise and skills. Their mission is to provide community intelligence to optimize, innovate and transform by recognizing our members’ best practices and connecting them.

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Project: Future of customer service in banking

Futurist Tom Cheesewright joined leaders from the banking industry in Barcelona to speak about the future of customer service in finance and banking.

Project Type: Speaking

Category: Future of Finance

Tags: banking, client-story, customer service

Tom Cheesewright