Gemalto (now part of Thales)

Client: Gemalto (now part of Thales)

Businesses and governments rely on Thales to bring trust to the billions of digital interactions they have with people.Their identity management and data protection technologies help banks exchange funds, people cross borders, energy become smarter and much more.More than 30,000 organisations already rely on Thales solutions to verify the identities of people and things, grant access to digital services, analyse vast quantities of information and encrypt data.In early 2019, they acquired the international security company, Gemalto and have combined it with their existing digital assets to create a new leader in digital security.

Project: Our connected future

Futurist Tom Cheesewright contributed writing and a video piece to Gemalto’s discussion programme around the Internet of Things, as well as joining a live Twitter chat with the company and other influencers.

Project Type:Writing

Category: Future Communication

Tags: client-story, iot, mobile, telecommunications

Tom Cheesewright