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ILM develop more talented leaders than anyone else.They are committed to helping you to thrive and grow through the application of their industry defining leadership development. Through everything from qualifications, accreditation and recognised training to support, news and resources, they help individuals and organisations realise the potential they never knew they had.ILM - leadership without limits.

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Project: Columnist: The future of leadership

Futurist Tom Cheesewright delivered a series of columns for the Institute of Leadership and Management’s magazine on the future of leadership 

Project Type: Writing

Project: Futurism for business

Futurist Tom Cheesewright taught the tools of futurism to an audience of over a hundred members of the Institute of Leadership and Management. 

Project Type: Speaker

Category: Future of Business,Future of Humanity

Tags: client-story, education, leadership, management, strategy

Tom Cheesewright