How to Avoid Dystopian Future of Climate Change and Mass Unemployment By Evolving Democracy and Education

Media: The Disruptors
Date: 9th April 2019
Categories: Future of Humanity
Tags: climate change, ecommerce, environment, government, shopping, unemployment, work

In this episode, Matt Ward and Tom discuss:

  • Why we’re all cyborgs and what it means for humanity
  • The future of climate change and why the answer is probably local
  • Why Tom is only remotely worried about automation and unemployment
  • What technologies Tom’s most scared of and why
  • The future of television, entertainment and Apple’s role
  • How Amazon and monopolies of the future evolve and the role of voice
  • What the future of education needs to be to save humanity
  • How big corporations can adapt and evolve without dying
  • The difference between a smart city and a living city and where we’re headed
  • Why economics and incentives create almost all the problems
  • How to revalue work in a post-GDP world

Tom Cheesewright