Flexible Working

Flexible Working

Last Thursday was spent at BT Centre, filming for a series of six short webisodes on flexible working. They will be available from April on a new website the North West Development Agency has commissioned to promote the use of technology by small businesses in the region. It was my first experience of presenting, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I don’t think it will ever be a major part of my working life (though I wouldn’t mind if it turned out that way), but as a little aside it makes for a very welcome distraction.

What I learned on the day was very interesting. BT is a huge advocate of flexible working, and the cynical side of me assumed that was in large part because of the demand this would create for various telecoms services. But when you hear the figures in terms of increased productivity and reduced costs, you begin to realise just what a smart move it was for the company to embrace what, for a historically conservative organisation, was a major shift in corporate culture.

Though few companies can afford to assign the resource that BT clearly has to make flexible working a success, it is a concept every company ought to examine.

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