TV Futurist

I'm an experienced broadcaster, completing well over a thousand interviews in the last five years across TV and radio. I also host and present from time to time, both for corporate work and as a correspondent.

I now appear a few times each week across local and national stations, TV and radio, and get involved with the development of new programs. I've become the go-to expert for a range of presenters, producers, journalists and editors, whenever they need issues about technology and tomorrow explaining in clear, uncomplicated language. I specialise translating complex stories into simple explanations, as well as dealing with unscripted questions from audiences (and presenters).

I address a wide range of topics on air, including:

  • The future: technology, transport, society, food, health, energy and more
  • Social media & child safety online
  • Broadband and mobile telecoms
  • Gadget buying advice

Broadcast Experience

In the Future

Tom acted as series consultant for the production of 'In the Future', a collection of shorts for Channel 4 looking at tomorrow's world, presented by Tim Lovejoy. Tom also appeared in this episode, looking at the future of healthcare and the role that our homes - and our toilets - could play in keeping us well.


Tom hosts a podcast on the MCR Live network focused on technology and tomorrow. This podcast can be sponsored and branded, and redistributed through your own channels to provide you with original content of your own.

Content will still be hosted and produced by Tom but within the sphere of ‘technology and tomorrow’ themes can be tailored to suit your needs over a fixed-term run.

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Get in Touch

If you're looking for comment or an interview urgently, the best way to reach Tom is via Twitter, either an @message or DM to @bookofthefuture

If it's less urgent, you can reach Tom via his agent Sarah Power at the Don't Panic Speaker Bureau. Call 01706 828855 or email Or complete the form on the right.