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I engage with clients in a variety of ways. I give keynote talks at conferences and events. I speak to boards and leadership teams, giving advice and provoking thought, or sharing skills through workshops. I write, producing reports, papers, and posts that form the core of content marketing campaigns.

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In the future

Tom acted as series consultant for the production of ‘In the Future’, a collection of shorts for Channel 4 looking at tomorrow’s world, presented by Tim Lovejoy.

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Tom hosts a podcast focused on the future, combining short stories about his work and analysis, and interviews with clients and interesting thinkers. This podcast can be sponsored and branded, and redistributed through your own channels to provide you with original content of your own.

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Case Study: Virgin Media Hyperfast Broadband Launch

Virgin Media logoIn 2019, Tom worked with Virgin Media, part of Liberty Global, to launch a trial of ‘hyperfast’ fibre optic broadband delivering 10Gbps to homes in Cambridgeshire. The challenge? This is so much faster than today’s services that Virgin needed a futurist to explain what it might be used for.

The launch was a huge success, with coverage in more than 50 media outlets including the BBC and The Sun.

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Tom is available for speaking opportunities, media campaigns, content creation and consultancy.

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Tom Cheesewright

In The Future

Tom acted as series consultant for the production of 'In the Future', a collection of shorts for Channel 4 looking at tomorrow's world, presented by Tim Lovejoy. Tom also appeared in this episode, looking at the future of healthcare and the role that our homes - and our toilets - could play in keeping us well.