Futurist Consultant

Futurist Consultant

The most common question a futurist consultant hears is:

“What does the future look like?”

My job is to help you plan for the future, whether this affects your company, your market or your sector as a whole.

What does a professional futurist consultant do?

Futurist consulting offers two key services: analysing the future, and planning for change. You may be interested to learn more based on:

  • An opportunity, such as new trends or innovations in sustainability
  • A threat, such as job security with automation
  • Simple curiosity and a desire to plan ahead.

When you work with an applied futurist like me, you’ll get a tailor-made insight into your company, market or sector, followed by a roadmap of next steps.

You can choose to have this information however you like. You may prefer a futurist keynote, a workshop, or a written report outlining your strategy.

What does the future look like for you?

Your future consultancy package is completely unique. While many companies come to me on the brink of change, others may want to prepare themselves for shifting trends.

Together, we can build a strategy that aligns with your current situation. Are you reacting to change, or are you anticipating and preparing for it?

For example, you might be:

Anticipating change in the finance sector. You’re not reacting, but you’re aware of advances in decentralised finance, and want to build your knowledge base.

Proactively seeking opportunities in the labour market. You’re keen to learn more about risk management by outsourcing to freelancer

Reacting to threats to your food manufacturing company. You’re facing supply chain issues caused by weather patterns and climate change, so you want to learn more about alternative sources.

Whether you’re proactive, reactive or just curious, the Tom Cheesewright Intersections methodology can help you plan for a better future. Give me a call and we’ll pick a format that suits your company, market or sector goals.

Futurist talks

As a futurist keynote speaker, I have delivered talks to leaders, companies and even groups of companies.

You’ll get a fully personalised keynote that addresses the opportunities and threats facing your organisations. Using my Intersections framework, I’ll help you to anticipate new trends and react to them sustainably. turning threats into positive change.

With a clear presentation of what’s coming next, my briefing will empower you to think differently and use this knowledge to your advantage. Your teams will leave with a clear roadmap, new ideas and a brighter vision for the future.

See my futurist talks in action >


A futurist consulting workshop gives your teams the chance to interact and think about their futures. Typically, sessions run for around three to six hours and encourage free thinking through a series of exercises.

You can customise your workshop based on your company’s needs. As standard, each workshop is based on the Tom Cheesewright Intersections methodology, but we can also use Scenario Planning, or custom-made exercises.

Everybody is treated as an individual and their ideas are welcomed, discussed and analysed. By the end of the session, your teams will have reached their own conclusions by completing personalised exercises.

This encourages critical thinking and empowers your teams to take a proactive approach to change. They will leave not only with knowledge and ideas, but skills to repeat the exercise in future, in line with industry developments.

Sector reports

Perhaps you’re interested in a futurist writing a detailed analysis of your sector’s future’ or similar. This is completely unique to your company, market or sector. You can use it for your own internal research, or as the basis of content marketing campaigns.

I have produced foresight sector reports for brands including Hyperoptic and Prophix. These involve hours of research into the threats, opportunities and general changes within your sector. You can share them with your internal teams, or leverage them for more enriching conversations with suppliers and customers.

Think of these reports as a guideline for the future – a ‘bible’ containing key insights into trends, as well as forecasts and expert commentary on your industry. We’ll start with a consultation call, after which you’ll receive a proposal and fully bespoke report.

And if you want a little more light reading, pick up my book, Future-Proof Your Business.

Consultation calls

As part of your consultation, you’ll also get insight calls – usually between one and three over the course of the project, each depending on the project size.

Each call has an end goal in mind. You may need to shape your strategy, develop a new product, present a business case for investment, or foster innovation.

We’ll go through your ideas and any questions you may have. We’ll challenge assumptions and encourage new approaches based on developing trends.

In the past, I’ve worked with investors, strategic leads, product teams, researchers and agencies. If you have an inquiring mind and a vision for change, get in touch.

Case studies

In 2019, Audi approached me for consulting on their Leadership Development Programme. I led a series of talks at the Alliance Manchester Business School, teaching Audi executives the skills to future-proof their business.
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Working in the veterinary space, I rang a strategy workshop for the Dechra team, looking at the future of veterinary pharmaceutical products.
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Enfield Borough Council
Enfield Borough Council asked me to lead a three-month consultation and strategy planning retainer for its digital transformation programme. They needed a futurist designer’s perspective for their ongoing operations in a post-austerity era.
Find out more >

Discover how futurist consulting can shape your strategy, helping you to answer three key questions:

  1. How can I future-proof my business?
  2. How can I develop a strategy in an uncertain age?
  3. How do I design for sustainable success?

My consulting clients include:

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If you want to effect positive change for the future, you’ll need a thought-out, researched and personalised strategy. Get your questions answered in whichever format suits you best – hard-hitting talks and ideas or insight calls.

I am available for speaking opportunities, media campaigns, content creation and consultancy.

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