Futurist Consultant

Futurist Consultant

Applied futurist Tom Cheesewright provides direct support to organisations in both the public and private sector through consulting and training. The aim is to help organisations to overcome some of the critical challenges in foresight and strategy.

  • Foresight services help organisations and groups to examine the future of their market and position.
  • Strategy services help organisations to develop a response, both to the immediate challenge and to ongoing high frequency change.


“The most common question I’m asked is ‘What does the future look like for us?’, where ‘us’ might refer to a company, market or sector. Sometimes that question is asked with an open mind, sometimes it is the result of an identified threat or opportunity.

I help organisations and leaders to answer this question in a number of ways, from single talks or workshops through to full and detailed reports.”

Talks & Briefings

Talks or briefings can be for individual leaders or entire companies – sometimes even groups of companies. They are highly tailored, and are prepared using the Intersections framework to bring together an understanding of the pressures the organisation is facing with the external trends that are likely to transform its fortunes in the coming years. The aim of a talk is to leave the audience thinking differently, equipped with new information and new ideas.


Workshops typically run for three to six hours and walk the audience through a series of exercises to help them to engage with these new ideas and come to their own conclusions about what they mean for the organisation. The Intersections framework is the normal basis for these workshops but I also produce custom workshops using other tools, such as Scenario Planning, or entirely new exercises designed for the task at hand.


Reports are often the beginning of an engagement with a consulting client. In this context they are produced to inform strategy, unline the content reports that form the basis of marketing activity. The depth and breadth of these reports, and hence the time taken to produce them, and the cost, are dependent on the scale of the brief.


Tom teaches leaders and managers the skills of futurism, so that they in turn can improve their organisation’s foresight, decision-making, and resilience. In his training courses he shares the three key tools of applied futurism, all critical components of building ‘Athletic Organisations’, as described in his book, Future-Proof Your Business.


“My deepest client engagements are in developing a response to accelerated change. This work falls into two parts.

Firstly, I help clients to identify and deal with immediate issues, building responses that combine innovation, process improvement and technology application.

Secondly, I work with organisations to look at the way they are structured to help them to be more agile in the future. Based on the Stratification framework I help clients to examine every layer of their business, from the user interface, through shared data, to processing and upwards through the supply chain. I get them thinking about the friction in each interaction, about how they measure success in each function, and how to identify where they might improve.”

Additional Consulting Services

Discover how Tom can help your business

Internal Communications

Tom works with internal teams from board level down, to help inspire thinking and share a clear vision of the future.

Customer Conferences

Tom brings energy and original thought to customer conferences and roundtable events, inspiring them with thoughts of tomorrow.

Media Campaigns

Tom is an experienced broadcaster and media spokesperson, with more than a thousand interviews under his belt. He brings a new angle to media campaigns.

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Tom is available for speaking opportunities, media campaigns, content creation and consultancy.

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