Futurist Consultant

Futurist Consultant

Through my consulting, I primarily help leaders and organisations to do two things:

  • Foresight: See the future more clearly
  • Strategy: Plan for change

How can I help you?

Foresight Services

The most common question I’m asked is ‘What does the future look like for us?’, where ‘us’ might refer to a company, market or sector. Sometimes that question is asked with an open mind, sometimes it is the result of an identified threat or opportunity.

I help organisations and leaders to answer this question in a number of ways, from single talks or workshops through to full and detailed reports.

Talks & Briefings

I offer talks or briefings for individual leaders or entire companies – sometimes even groups of companies. Each is highly tailored, and prepared using my Intersections framework. This helps me to bring together an understanding of the pressures your organisation is facing with the external trends that are likely to transform its fortunes in the coming years.

The aim of a talk is to leave the audience thinking differently, equipped with new information and new ideas.


The workshops I run typically span three to six hours and walk you and your colleagues through a series of exercises to help them think about the future. Everyone gets space and prompts to engage with new ideas and come to their own conclusions about what they mean for your organisation. My Intersections framework is the normal basis for these workshops but I also produce custom workshops using other tools, such as Scenario Planning, or entirely new exercises designed for the task at hand.

Each workshop should guide you through a new approach to thinking about tomorrow, but also leave you with some of the skills to repeat the exercise.

Foresight Reports

If you want more of a deep-dive into the future of your sector – or a sector you’re looking to enter – then a report might be valuable. Unlike the content I develop to help clients with marketing campaigns, my internal foresight reports are for your eyes only. They are based on deep engagement with your team, as well as your suppliers and customers. And an extensive research exercise to examine the future trends that will shape your success.

Drop me a line with details of your needs and I can put together a proposal.

Insight Calls

Do you need insights to shape your strategy? Drive new product development? Inform investment? Or direct innovation?

Almost every week, I spend an hour or more on the phone to a client, answering their questions, responding to their brief, challenging their assumptions, and informing them about critical trends. These clients include investors, strategic leads, new product development teams, research specialists and innovation agencies.

Perhaps I can help you?

Strategy Services

My deepest client engagements are in developing a response to change. Sometimes these projects are proactive: you’ve seen an opportunity and you want to adapt the organisation to maximise it. Sometimes they are reactive: the organisation has had a shock, and you want to build greater resilience and agility for the future.

In either case, I can help you to think differently about future strategy, with a particular focus on agility.

  • How can you future-proof your business?
  • How do you develop strategy in an uncertain age?
  • How do you design for sustainable success?

These are all objectives – and outcomes – of my Stratification model and my programme for Athletic Organisations, as outlined in my book, Future-proof Your Business.

My consulting clients include:

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I am available for speaking opportunities, media campaigns, content creation and consultancy.

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