Ill Communication

Ill Communication

I’ve spent the last four weeks trying to move in to a new office. Once I finally got the keys, the only challenge was to get a phone line and broadband up and running. Complaints about problems getting DSL live are completely cliched. But that doesn’t seem to have driven the providers to improve service — at least not in my limited experience.

Despite there being six landlines previously connected to said office it has taken a month to get working broadband. Even then it only happened because I supplied my own router and rang up to get the login details. The supplied router is apparently somewhere near Bolton at the moment…

This isn’t just a random rant though. Problems like this are massively detrimental to small businesses like mine, and highlight the true nature of ‘Broadband Britain’ today. The best analogy I can come up with is that we are running a car with the body of a Bugatti Veyron and the underpinnings from a steam train. Though my final hold-up was down to human error, the major part of the delay is down to the ageing infrastructure.

Thankfully the national infrastructure is in the process of being upgraded by BT — one of the more forward-thinking national carriers. I just hope that when the 21CN is complete, we get improvements in operational performance to match the improvements in the network.

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