Innovaticus: Great Idea, Crap Name

Innovaticus: Great Idea, Crap Name

I should perhaps be a little more polite since I am seeing one of the co-founders of this company on Thursday night. But as a marketing man I have to say that the name Innovaticus could only have been dreamt up by a group of academics. Fair play to them though, it is a very simple concept that requires some very complex execution.

The idea behind the product is to make gadgets work together more intuitively. If you have an MP3 player and a PC in a room, you should be able to get the tunes from one to the other relatively simply. If this sounds familiar then that’s because you read the last post. But while doubleTwist is all about a PC software solution, Innovaticus is all about putting intelligence in to wireless networks.

Imagine that intelligence in all the gadgets in your home, all communicating wirelessly and sharing their resources with one another — be they files, processing power, or the ability to capture information, display it or print it. Imagine sharing those resources with the people around you. It’s no coincidence that the test bed for this software was university dorms where everyone is constantly looking to borrow music, information, internet access, or printing.

So what would I call it? Well, in all those personality type tests I always come out as the ‘resource investigator’, someone who networks well with others to gather and distribute useful information and skills. Of course ‘resource investigator’ is a bit of a mouthful for a product name, but my colleagues found a suitably short alternative: Del Boy.

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