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If you’re interested in workforce automation – and let’s face it, we all should be – then this lecture is well worth a listen. It takes a sceptical look at some of the headline-grabbing research from the likes of the Oxford Martin institute and Boston Consulting suggesting huge job losses to software robots in the coming decades.

Here’s more from the LSE website:

“It’s predicted that five million jobs will be performed by robots in the next ten years. Contrary to the fears perpetuated by the media that robots will steal your job, Professor Willcocks and Professor Lacity discuss how robotic technologies can facilitate the rise, not the demise, of human productivity and innovation. In presenting a more realistic and balanced view, the fears that surround robotic processing automation are punctured by in-depth research and expel the myths around the benefits and downsides of present and future technologies.

Mary Lacity is Curators Professor of Information Systems at the University of Missouri, St Louis.

Leslie Willcocks is Professor of Technology Work and Globalisation at LSE.

Edgar Whitley is an Associate Professor (Reader) of Information Systems in the Department of Management at LSE.”

Download the audio.

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