My Demands: Part 1

I had a great conversation with a client last week. It turns out we both have the same idea for what we want a particular gadget to do. It got me thinking that there must be loads of people out there who are having the same frustrations that I do with consumer electronics manufacturers just not moving fast enough to satisfy our geeky needs. So I’m going to start posting them here. You never know, Sony and the rest might be listening…

Demand number 1: WiFi-enabled MP3 car stereo.
Why is it that when I pull my car in to the driveway, it doesn’t automatically lock on to my home WiFi network and pull down all the latest MP3s from my media server. In fact, why doesn’t my (almost new) car come with a HDD-based MP3 player at all? It wasn’t even on the options list.

Now I realise I could build an in-car PC to do this, and I fully intend to when I have both the time and the money, and all the other projects I have 30% completed are finally done. But surely this is an obvious one people?

This post forms part of my Future of Technology series. For more posts on this subject, visit the Future of Technology page.

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