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This week I’m launching a few new things for the Applied Futurist community: a Patreon campaign and a chat room.


If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a platform for content creators to get paid by their supporters/subscribers. Right now I have almost a thousand people subscribed to the newsletter, more reading the blog through Medium, and almost 20,000 followers across various social platforms. Not everyone is ready to become a fully-fledged Applied Futurist yet, but lots of people are curious.

To bring them further into the community I wanted to create a way for them to get involved and Patreon seemed like the obvious option. There will be a couple of subscription tiers available, and above a certain level, subscribers/supporters will get access to some added value content, including reports, scripts, slide decks and more from the last few years.

As top tier subscribers, you will obviously get access to all this as well.

Discord Chat Room

The other added value item I’ll be opening up to you and Patreon subscribers is a chat room on Discord for conversations about the future and futurism. If you don’t know Discord, it started as a system for voice chat between gamers but has rapidly been adopted by the tech community as a general purpose chat (voice and text) platform, somewhere between Slack and Skype.

You can join the Discord chat now at – be great if you could come on and introduce yourself before the official launch on the evening of Wednesday 28th.

Long Term

Launching these services on two new platforms isn’t ideal and long term I am looking for a single platform around which I can build the whole community. Something that integrates the blog, email, chat, secure content hosting, and subscriptions. Any recommendations would be very welcome. In the mean time, things will be split across and Patreon – apologies if that causes any inconvenience.

As always, your feedback is very welcome!

This post forms part of my Updates series. For more posts on this subject, visit the Updates page.

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