Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing

I am a victim of globalisation. A big global company has displaced me from a customer because they can operate in multiple countries cheaper and with a lower management overhead than the customer’s current network of boutique European suppliers, of which I was part.

The question is not one of quality. I have experienced the work of the new global company only recently and learned first hand the trade-off they have made between price and quality. Given that I have no intention of competing on price, nor of opening offices all over the world, there is little I can do retain this customer.

This is in direct contrast to the consumer trend highlighted in previous posts. At least in the monied middle classes — which could be considered a good analogy for my well-funded business customer — the move is towards suppliers offering higher quality and local goods. Unfortunately it seems price and convenience remain more important in the business world.

If nothing else though, I have decided that I should henceforth position my marketing services as of the ‘organic’ variety as opposed the battery-farmed output of some global competitors…

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