[Press Release] The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit – Now Available for Management and Marketing Consultants

[Press Release] The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit – Now Available for Management and Marketing Consultants

Today we’re announcing the availability of the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit via monthly subscription.

These are the tools that we use in consulting engagements, refactored and enhanced for use by marketing and management consultancies with their own clients. Use these tools to help clients to see the future more clearly, and respond to what they see with greater agility.

Read more in the release below or download the Applied Futurist’s Manifestofor full details.


The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit: Now Available for Management and Marketing Consultants

Management consultants and marketers are today invited to become Applied Futurists, with the release of a new suite of tools from Book of the Future.

Applied Futurism is a response to the accelerating pace of change in business that has seen many established leaders displaced by new, more agile entrants. It equips organisations and their leaders with a new, future-ready approach to business planning and operations.

The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit includes three tools:

  • Intersections: a foresight tool that helps consultants to show their clients the future in a fast, efficient way. Intersections connects macro trends to the pressure points specific to individual companies and markets, highlighting the most important issues to address right now.
  • Arcs: a narrative planning tool, helping organisations to lay out a response to change trends in story form that is clear to staff and shareholders, customers and partners.
  • Stratification: a framework for agile organisations that embeds flexibility, responsiveness and high performance into the structure of a business. Stratified organisations are more connected to external change trends and better able to respond, delivering sustainable success.

Subscribing to The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit gives marketers and management consultants access to these proven processes plus multiple Template Packs. Each Template Pack guides the user through applying the tools in a different way: running interactive workshops, developing content marketing assets, or producing strategic plans.

The Toolkit is backed with direct support and rich resources such as slide decks, graphics and blog posts to help consultants communicate new ideas to clients.

Access is available as a monthly rolling licence at £125/month. Users can sign up online at http://www.bookofthefuture.co.uk.

The Applied Futurist’s Toolkit has been developed by Book of the Future founder Tom Cheesewright, over three years and hundreds of engagements with companies and individuals. Book of the Future clients include BUNZL, the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW), LG, Nikon, University of Manchester and Enfield Borough Council.

Cheesewright is one of the UK’s best-known futurists, a frequent face and voice on TV and radio and in-demand keynote speaker. In the last twelve months he has addressed conferences in London, New York and Amsterdam on the future of travel, telecoms and money. His TV and radio credits include Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Brunch’, ‘Home Hero’, and ‘In The Future’, Channel 5’s ‘Saturday Show’, Sky News, BBC Breakfast, World Business, 5live and Radio 4’s You and Yours.

About Book of the Future

Book of the Future provides Applied Futurism tools for management consultants and marketers. Through proven processes and simple-to-follow templates, consultants can help their clients to see the future more clearly, share their vision and respond with agility. For more information see http://ww.bookofthefuture.co.uk.

For more information contact Book of the Future on 0161 850 0460 or at hello@bookofthefuture.co.uk

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