See the future, hear the future…

See the future, hear the future…

I’ve launched a podcast. Which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me: I am rather obsessed with the medium.

You can listen and subscribe at the following places:

MCR Live (the brand new podcast stable that I have joined)




Each week (life permitting — I’ll get that caveat in now) I’ll be talking about the work I’m doing and discussing it with guests — when I can get into the studio. The first couple of episodes have been recorded on the road so they are a little rough and ready. I’m looking at options on equipment now that will help me do a better job with on-the-go recording.

The podcast story

How the podcast came about is a bit of a story in itself. A couple of months ago I posted a question on Twitter

I was only half thinking of doing a podcast at this point. The question was as much driven by listening to the output of Radiotopia and wondering why Manchester — a vibrant city, packed with creatives — didn’t have an equivalent.

The question led to a discussion and a thought process: what would I need in terms of support if I were to produce a podcast? I’d need two things: production support and a revenue stream. I can record and edit a podcast, but I’d rather just be responsible for content and let someone else handle production and distribution. And while I will enjoy doing a podcast, ultimately it will need to justify the time investment. Once I realised I might be able to find both production support and a revenue stream, it was pretty nailed on that I would do it.

Production support is coming from UTC MediaCity, a college set up to produce the next generation of radio and TV professionals with a full suite of recording studios and an enthusiastic team of mixers and editors.

Distribution is via the new MCR Live digital radio station and podcast network, that I found out about just a few days after posting my question on Twitter. They were still in development then and launched with my new podcast as one of the first titles. We’ll be working together to source sponsors — get in touch if you would be interested in sponsoring the podcast.


P: 0161 850 0460

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