The Day After TMRW

The Day After TMRW

On Wednesday this week, another one of my ideas becomes reality. Two hundred people will gather at Manchester Central to discuss the future. They’ll talk about the future human, bionics and augmentation. They’ll talk about the future city, intelligence and efficiency. They’ll talk about future business, money and models. And they’ll talk about the future of communications, the internet and social media.

Ideas will be formed and contacts will be made. New partnerships, new businesses, new products and services will be created.

These have always been our goal.

The day after TMRW, I want people to be waking up with a pocket full of business cards and a head buzzing with schemes. I want Takk and Ziferblat to be full of people continuing their conversations from the day before, drinking coffee and scribbling on napkins. I want people on trains back to cities across the UK (and a few on planes heading back across the world) to understand what many of us in Manchester already recognise: that a new global tech capital is slowly emerging.

I want TMRW to play its part in that emergence.

We’ve put down a marker for our ambition, bringing in speakers like Brian Cox, Tim Lovejoy and Samy Kamkar. But this is year one. This is just the beginning.

The day after TMRW, we’ll be planning and scheming just like I hope the audience will be. We’ll be thinking about 2016 and beyond.

I hope you can join us on the journey.

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