The Great Disruption: How Will You Respond?

The Great Disruption: How Will You Respond?

One of the things you don’t want when you’re starting a business is to be the only player in the field. The chances that your idea is truly unique are infinitesimally small. Tell a prospective investor that you have no competition, and she hears “we have no market.”

When you’re in the business of ideas, the same rules apply. It’s great to hear other people telling similar stories — especially if you respect their perspective.

Adrian Wooldridge, the management editor of the Economist has written a new book called The Great Disruption. In this talk at the RSA he introduces it. Though we tackle the topic from different perspectives (economics and technology), if you have heard me speak you will recognise many of the same themes.

Though I’m always happy to come and speak (or frankly write a book if someone will put up the advance), our main business here at Book of the Future is not forecasting greater disruption. It’s helping people and organisations to deal with it.

If you accept Adrian Wooldridge’s analysis (and mine), the question is: what do you do next?

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