Top toys for Christmas 2010  – Retail Therapy

Top toys for Christmas 2010  – Retail Therapy

Discussed two topics with Becky Want this morning on Retail Therapy, live from the Arndale on BBC Radio Manchester. Listen again if you fancy it here. The second topic was the top toys for Christmas 2010.

According to the Toy Retailer’s Association, the Lego Airport, VTech KidiZoom video camera, and Moon Dough Barn are amongst the ‘dream dozen’ toys this Christmas. There’s certainy a lot of high tech in the list — including semi-lifelike robot animals — but it’s these three ‘creative play’ toys that have really caught my attention.

Watching my own toddling daughter play I find it thrilling when she takes the most basic elements and starts to create her own game from them. Pouring water from jugs to cups and back again, stacking up simple wooden blocks, emptying coins from a jar and gradually replacing them. The enjoyment all comes from her imagination, and these toys offer interesting ways to extend that imagination.

As a kid I loved Lego, and if I’m honest I can’t wait for an excuse to play with it again. PlayDough type materials were also always good fun because you could make the toys you had in your head but that didn’t exist (Fimo, that you can bake hard is particularly good for this). I also have great memories of playing with an early video camera with my parents, filming silly movies on holiday. So the fact that someone has made one just for kids — even if it is £60 — is very cool.

Roll on Christmas I say.

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