Twitter’s Critical Mass Attracts a New Convert

Twitter’s Critical Mass Attracts a New Convert

As you will see from the left had side of the page, I have joined the Twittering masses. Rather belatedly, I admit.

I have known about Twitter for a long time, probably since it won an award at SXSW in 2007. However I never saw the value in it for me. Whether or not anyone likes reading them, I like writing my long-form blogs. I wasn’t in the habit of sharing updates about my location, or photos with the world at large. And back in 2007, few of my friends were using Twitter.

Things have changed. Constant updates to my Facebook status and a brief but enjoyable trial of Brightkite on my iPhone have shown me the fun and value of sharing brief, sometimes image-driven updates. Tweets won’t replace my longer entries, but they will supplement them. More and more friends are questioning my non-presence on Twitter. There now seems to be critical mass of users in my community, making it valuable to participate — and possibly costly to remain outside the group.

It is this final factor that has tipped me over the edge. The all-consuming gravity of a networking phenomenon has again pulled me in. Let’s see how long this one lasts. I guarantee it will mean I spend even less time on Facebook.

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