Who Shows You The Future?

Who Shows You The Future?

Great footballers are often described as having vision. The ability to look up and see the position of players at some point in the future and make a pass that allows them to capitalise on that position. Ball skills alone will rarely make you great if you always play with your head down.

In business it’s all too easy to run with your head down. It’s described in lots of ways. ‘Working in the business not on the business’ is a phrase you hear often. And we all do it. Because in business we don’t have a manager on the sidelines screaming at us or giving us the full ‘hairdryer treatment’ at half time, we lose track. Before we know it we’ve been running, head down, for years at a time.

There are people who can prompt us to look up though. And everyone in business has access to them. Coaches, mentors and management consultants, but also accountants, solicitors and marketing agencies. To follow the football analogy, people who are not in the game but stood on the sidelines, with the different perspective that brings. They’ve watched other teams, seen the stats, listened to the analysis and know what’s happening in other sports.

I have a mentor to help me look up every few months. It was through talking to him this week that I realised with greater clarity than before that the people I need to be passing to are these coaches and consultants. The tools we’ve produced have proven popular with forward-thinking business leaders. But the reality is that they spend most of their time with their heads down, not up. Their need to see the future and respond is intermittent, not constant.

Consultants though, of all varieties, spend all their time thinking about other people’s businesses. And what we’ve created is a great set of tools to help them do that. Tools that will give them something different to take to their clients and differentiate them from their competitors.

From January we’ll be launching a new membership model targeted primarily at this type of business or individual that gives them unlimited access to our tools for a single monthly fee. Between now and January we will be building the supporting materials to round out the products and make it easy to use them as a facilitator rather than inside your own business.

If you are a coach or consultant of any type — business, finance, legal, marketing, or management — and would like to be one of the first to access this service then drop me a line and we’ll keep you posted as it develops.

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