The Applied Futurist

Tom Cheesewright is one of the UK's most prominent futurists, helping people and organisations around the world to see, share and respond to a clearer vision of tomorrow. He is the creator of The Applied Futurist's Toolkit, licensed to management consultants, marketing agencies, accountants, lawyers and software companies to help them apply futurism to build agile organisations. And he is in-demand as a thought-leader and commentator, reaching hundreds of thousands of people each week through broadcast interviews, speaking opportunities and print and online media.


Tom Cheesewright engages audiences across the world with a clearer vision of the future, where technology-driven change intersects with the pressure points faced by every organisation. 


Tom works with brands and marketing agencies to develop engaging campaign content about tomorrow's world. From reports and white papers, to articles and blog posts, audio, video and media campaigns.


Tom is a frequent presence on TV and radio, relied upon by producers, presenters and editors to communicate complex stories about technology and the future with clarity and precision.


Tom works closely with organisations and leaders to help them to see the future more clearly and develop strategies to respond, driving innovation and building agile organisations.