Who shows you the future?

I can.

I'm Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist. I help global brands and industries to see what's next. I tell compelling stories of tomorrow. And I help to build strategies for sustainable success, whatever the future holds.

As featured:

I engage with clients in a variety of ways. I give keynote talks at conferences and events. I speak to boards and leadership teams, giving advice and provoking thought, or sharing skills through workshops. I write, producing reports, papers, and posts that form the core of content marketing campaigns. And I consult, helping clients to solve challenging future problems.

Clients include:

Tom Cheesewright Applied Futurist

How can an Applied Futurist help you?

Applied Futurism is a response to a fast changing world. A world where existential threats appear on the near horizon, not from competitors but from unexpected sources. Where world-changing opportunities may pass you by every week, and only be recognised in hindsight. It's a new way of doing business, based on better foresight and greater adaptability.

An Applied Futurist can help you to see what's coming, analyse that information, and act on it. I can help you and your organisation to be future-ready.

I can work with your company to help you avoid shocks and ensure you see great opportunities. I can help you to develop your organisation to be more agile.

I can help you tell stories of tomorrow, to your industry, your customers, your prospects, or the media, as a commentator, a keynote speaker, or a content author

And I can teach you to be an Applied Futurist so that you can apply the tools of futurism in your organisation.


Tom is available for speaking opportunities, media campaigns, content creation and consultancy.

For information on rates and availability, contact:

Sarah Power
Don't Panic Speaker Bureau
Tel: 01706 828855

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