Futurist Speaker

Futurist Speaker

What does the future look like for your organisation? As a futurist speaker, it’s my job to tell you.

Since the beginning of my career, I’ve been addressing audiences around the world, covering everything from technology to transport, food, and the world of work.

If you want to inspire your audience and give them a vision of a better tomorrow, get in touch for a tailor-made speaker session.

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As a futurist speaker, I have delivered keynote speeches and hosted conference sessions for large audiences and small, including:

What is a futurist speaker?

A futurist speaker analyses the trends, threats and opportunities in a particular sector to make and communicate our visions for the future.

The best futurist speakers draw on their own methods and research to deliver a customised, educational and inspiring session.

Naturally, I use the Tom Cheesewright method, otherwise known as ‘Intersections methodology’. Based on years of research, I’ll tailor my sessions to your industry, whether it’s a keynote session, interview or podcast.

Why choose a futurist?

A futurist keynote speaker, first and foremost, can help you address the biggest issues of tomorrow. You may have questions about innovations in your industry, and how this will affect the world of work.

Perhaps you want to look at the macro trends in your sector and further afield. With insights into the future of technology, finance, cities, business and culture, you’ll learn how to shape your strategies for the long term.

Find assurance in an unpredictable world of digital transformation. Discover a more sustainable way of life. Be prepared for what’s coming next.

I’ve had radio and television appearances on BBC Breakfast, Radio 4, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and much more. For insights from a trusted UK futurologist, get in touch.

Topics covered

Whatever your industry, you deserve a tailor-made talk that answers your questions. Throughout my years studying as a technology futurist, economic futurist and all-round lifestyle futurist, I’ve built an extensive knowledge base in:


Future cities

Learn more about innovation in smart cities as we take a deep dive into energy, transport, homes and retail.

future human illustrated with 3d scan of human body

Future humans

Discover how humans will bind with bionics and human augmentation as we delve into the future of work, education, sport and culture.

stocks and shares displayed on a computer screen- the future of business

Future Business

Find out how the future of finance, recruitment and retail will impact your business. Get the economic futurist’s view on what’s next for your sector.


Future work

See what lies ahead for the workforce, from critical skills to hybrid workplaces, artificial intelligence and the rise of robots.


Future FOOD

Food unites us all, but what will we eat in the future? Find out more about veganism, alternative farming methods, new proteins and even growing crops in space.

futurist cheesewright

What you get when you choose a futurist keynote speaker

When you book a futurist keynote speaker slot with me, you’ll get an entirely bespoke session based on your business.

This comes in a range of formats, including:

Interviews and keynotes – having worked with high-profile brands such as Barclays, I interview and join subject experts onstage. See more highlights here.

Keynote sessions – with extensive experience at TedX, I offer keynote sessions to inspire your listeners.

Panel sessions – whether you’re looking for a host or a panel guest, I’m happy to lend an expert futurist voice.

Content marketing campaign support – hire me to produce videos to support your event and social media assets. See more broadcasting highlights

Remote training – get business futurist speaker expertise without leaving your seat. I can run remote broadcasting consultancy sessions to inspire your teams. Find out more about futurist consultancy

Promotional articles – sample teaser content or read full write-ups of the talks. Discover more about futurist writing here.

Previous futurist speeches

See my previous futurist speeches from London, Boston and Toronto.

In the past, I have had the privilege of speaking for BBC Breakfast, Sky News, Newsround, Radio 4, 5live and many more. You can see my latest appearances here.

“Having external insight certainly added a huge amount of value
and provided a great platform for our sessions and from the questions in the room, the audience were clearly very engaged too.”

Ian Stuart, CEO, HSBC UK

tom cheesewright on stage at hsbc conference

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With more than 15 years’ speaking and broadcasting experience, my role is to help prepare your organisation for the future. Discover opportunities, threats and new developments for your entire sector, tailored to you in concise, direct and inspiring sessions.

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