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As a futurist speaker, Tom Cheesewright has delivered keynote speeches and hosted conference sessions for large audiences and small, including:

Tom is a frequent presence on TV & Radio

Appearing across the BBC from the Breakfast sofa to Newsround and World Business Report, and as a regular contributor to 5live and Radio 4. He has shared his thoughts on the future with Channel 4′s Sunday Brunch, Channel 5’s Saturday Breakfast, Sky News, the Guardian, Evening Standard, Entrepreneur Magazine, Stuff and MSN. He has consulted on TV shows for Channel 4, including In The Future, and Phil Spencer’s Home Hero.

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futurist tom cheesewright talking about future business at the efma ccx forum in barcelona

“Tom brings energy and original thought to customer conferences and roundtable events, inspiring them with thoughts of tomorrow.”

John Hughes, NHS

Futurist speaker Tom Cheesewright talking about the future of finance at the Yolt Unthink Tank

Futurist Speaker:


Tom Cheesewright is one of the most respected consultants and commentators on tomorrow’s world. As an Applied Futurist, Tom helps people and organisations around the world to see what’s next and to build a coherent response.

Tom is a frequent presence on TV and radio, explaining today’s world of high frequency change and the technology that drives it. He has appeared thousands of times over the last decade across the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky News as well as in many print and online publications including The Guardian, The Times, and The Evening Standard.

Tom consults with clients looking for greater foresight into the near future, and teaches and licences a range of tools for building more agile organisations. He is a frequent speaker on the future across a range of industries. Customers include global corporations such as BASF. BP, KPMG, LG, Nikon, and Unilever, as well as universities, charities and public bodies.

Tom’s first book, High Frequency Change, was published by LID Business Media in 2019.

What topics can Tom cover?

Tom produces bespoke talks and presentations for each client. Using his bespoke Intersections methodology he can identify themes, threats and opportunities with high relevance to any audience, allowing him to add value to any event. Using this approach he has addressed every topic from supermarkets to superyachts!

Some broad topics have become particularly popular over the years, leading Tom to build up a particular knowledge set and client base. Some of these are listed below.

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Future City

Tom Cheesewright has written and spoken extensively about tomorrow’s places, where we live and work, and how we travel. Topics include:

  • Smart cities
  • Future of public transport
  • Future energy
  • The future car
  • Future home
  • Future of retail
future human illustrated with 3d scan of human body

Future Human

What will it mean to be human in the future? Futurist speaker Tom has covered various aspects of this subject, including

  • Bionics and human augmentation
  • The future of work
  • Education, learning and skills
  • Culture and media
  • The future of sport
  • The future of food
stocks and shares displayed on a computer screen- the future of business

Future Business

How will business be affected by this age of High Frequency Change? What are the business models of the future? Tom addresses multiple aspects of future business in his work:

  • Future of finance
  • Future of retail
  • Future banking
  • The future of money
  • Building a future-ready organisation
  • Future of recruitment

Future Technology

Where does the exponential progress of technology take us? As a futurist speaker, Tom tracks key trends including:/p>

  • The impact of AI and automation
  • Graphene and new materials
  • Robotics, drones and autonomous vehicles
  • Energy generation and storage
  • Quantum computing
  • Digital security threats

What do you get when you book Tom Cheesewright, Futurist Speaker?

Tom is an experienced speaker with an audience of his own who is happy to work with you to help you promote your event. This can include pre-event videos, PR campaigns, contributed articles, social media promotion and more.

Tom Cheesewright, futurist speaker, at BBC 5Live

PR and media

Tom has experience of thousands of media interviews for broadcast, print and digital. He’s happy to do joint interviews with other speakers or event spokespeople, or speak direct to the media in advance of or at the event to help you with promotion.

Pre-event video

Tom is an experienced broadcaster and very comfortable in interview or direct to camera formats. He can work with you to produce promotional videos for his keynote and the conference to be shared in email campaigns or via social media.


Contributed articles

Tom can provide a taster of his upcoming keynote in a blog post or article for you to share via your promotional channels, or share a write-up of the full talk to be distributed after the event as a follow-up.

If you’re interested in his writing, clients can volume purchase Tom’s book, ‘High Frequency Change‘ to share with delegates as part of a goody bag, giveaway, or competition prize.


Promotion on social media

Tom will use his social media presence to amplify your campaigns and point people towards booking pages. Tom has over 14,500 followers on Twitter and 4,500 contacts on LinkedIn with a high proportion of business and thought leaders.

Tom Cheesewright, futurist speaker, interviewing an executive from Accenture at Mobile World Congress

Hosting & interviewing

Tom is most commonly asked to keynote but he is happy to chair panels or interview other speakers on stage, while he is at the event.

Get In Touch

Tom is available for speaking opportunities, media campaigns, content creation and consultancy.

For information on rates and availability, please get in touch by filling out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tom Cheesewright