Is it possible to future-proof your business in this age of volatility? Teaching you how is my mission for 2020. This year is all about #FutureProof.

cover of the new book, 'Future-Proof Your Business', by Tom Cheesewright, #FutureProofIf you follow this blog, receive my newsletter, or track my social media, you will know I went a little quiet in the last quarter of last year. #FutureProof is the reason. I had to hit the pause button because I had my head down writing my new book. I am delighted to say that it is finished bar the final editing stages. And so, Future-Proof Your Business will be published later this year!

#FutureProof the book is the fourth book in the Penguin Business Experts series. This is a fantastic collection of practical guides for business leaders on critical topics like building a gender-balanced workforce, leading successful projects, and coaching your team.

Future-Proof Your Business is based on my own toolkit that I have been using, teaching, and licensing for the last few years. I have refined, condensed, and simplified the tools to be really practical and easy to use. I can’t wait to share it!

#FutureProof Events

The book isn’t the only #FutureProof activity this year though. I’m going to be running some events in partnership with clients across the year. This will start with a #FutureProof development programme for leaders of medium-sized businesses across my home city region of Greater Manchester, in partnership with long-standing client Freeths, Sedulo, and GM Chamber. Watch this space, subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on social media for more information.

I’m hoping to roll out some more events on this topic. There will obviously be some events around the launch. But if you think the members of your organisation, whether that’s a company or industry body, could benefit from some of the tips in the book, then get in touch.

Building Sustainable Success

#FutureProof is really the realisation of what has become a bit of a mission for me. I believe that we should all be striving for sustainable success. That means success that can last for decades or centuries, not just a few quarters. Laying out a goal of long-term success changes the behaviour of businesses. It turns leaders into stewards of the brand, incentivised to re-balance profit motives against trust, ethics and environmental impact. Once you have defined this more sustainable goal, you need to work out how to get there. I believe the tools I have laid out in Future Proof Your Business are some of the most critical steps. Structure your business to adapt to changing times, improve your ability to analyse and act on information, and ensure you are always looking forward to what’s next.

I hope to work with you in 2020 to #FutureProof your organisation.

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Futurist speaker Tom Cheesewright is one of the UK's leading commentators on technology and tomorrow. Tom has worked with a huge range of organisations across a variety of markets, to help them to see a clear vision of tomorrow, share that vision and respond with agility. Tom draws on his experience to create original, compelling talks that are keyed to the experience of the audience but which surprise and shock with unexpected facts and examples.

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