Futurist Writer

Futurist Writer

I am the author of two books, countless columns in the media, and multiple reports, papers and articles commissioned by clients.

Perhaps my next piece of writing could be for you?

The future is always an exciting topic. A hook that will always engage your customers and prospects, partners and staff.

Work with me and we can build a credible story of tomorrow that can be the foundation of your next marketing campaign.

Commissioned Writing

I work with brands and agencies to build original content about the future. This content is used to support sales and marketing activity, giving you an exciting platform from which to engage prospects in conversation.

Campaign engagements range from multi-year support for large-scale content marketing campaigns, to individual events or articles as part of wider product launch activity.

I produce written materials, such as reports, articles and white papers, as well as a wide variety of supporting materials: presentations, videos, conference themes, interactive applications, podcasts, live Twitter chats and more.

Every project is unique, requiring in-depth research and the application of my ‘futurist’s toolkit’ to find new insights, working in close collaboration with you and your team.

Future content clients include:

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“Tom’s structured approach helps us to create compelling stories about tomorrow that have a legitimate grounding in today’s reality. These form the basis of campaigns that our clients can be proud of and their customers want to read.”

Case Study: CMS and the Future of Energy

future of energy report

In 2017, I worked with global law firm CMS to produce the report, ‘Future of Energy: the Balance of Power’. Using my proprietary Intersections methodology, I analysed the future of the energy market. The result was  an easily-accessible guide over 27 graphic-rich pages.

The report was launched at the CMS head office in London with me as the guest speaker and part of a lively panel session in front of 150 industry specialists. The report has been downloaded hundreds of times and CMS plans to update it for international use later this year. The report has been a key tool used by CMS to drive brand awareness and to demonstrate leadership knowledge and
experience in the energy sector.

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