Futurist Writer

Futurist Writer

The best futurist writers never stop learning – and it’s my job to help you learn, too.

Throughout the years I have published books, media columns, reports and articles, looking at forward trends and new opportunities.

Do you want to engage clients, inspire your staff or simply learn more? Ask me about futurist content marketing.

How do I become a futurist?

To become an established futurist author, you need to do your homework. Since entering the applied futurist space in 2006, I’ve always been fascinated with new trends. Working with clients such as HSBC, Salesforce and Autotrader has helped me to build my knowledge base on technological advances in:

  • Business
  • Cities
  • Food
  • Work…

…and much more.

Writing about these topics offers essential insights into companies, markets and sectors. You may want to inspire colleagues with the latest trends in a futurist guest post. Perhaps you want a tailor-made report into the future of your company. Or maybe you’d like a broader whitepaper on your sector, uncovering the future trends that will shape your business goals.

Whether you want snackable content or a deep dive, I’ll work with you to produce futurist content that educates and inspires. Pick your format and we’ll take it from there – simple.

Futurist reports

For a totally customised insight into where your business is headed, commission a futurist report from me. This foresights document will examine your sector as a whole and audit your current company activity.

We’ll start with a consultation to understand where you’re at, and the opportunities or threats you’re thinking about. You’ll get a holistic review of your business, including strengths and weaknesses, trends to watch and actions to take.

Using the Tom Cheesewright Intersections method, we’ll identify how you can align your business with future trends.

Whether it’s sustainable growth or adaptation and survival, you’ll receive tailor-made tips to share with stakeholders.

Futurist articles

Thought leadership articles from an applied futurist offer added credibility and educational content for your readers. In the past, I have written futurist guest posts and articles for publications such as:
• The Daily Mirror
• The Fintech Times
• The Daily Telegraph
• The Guardian

You can view my full set of media clippings here. For expert insights and more engaged readers, get in touch.

Futurist whitepapers

A futurist whitepaper can be the springboard for tons of supporting content, from webinars to social media assets.

Covering topics such as retail, finance, transport and food, I have been commissioned for whitepapers by a range of clients. Your fully bespoke industry whitepaper will serve as an industry insight, lead generator and conversation piece.

Leave the research to me and uncover the latest trends – putting you at the forefront of your sector, and building trust in your brand.

Get a glimpse into my deep-dive reports with this Salesforce Future-Ready Retail whitepaper.

Digital media

For an effective futurist content marketing campaign, you’ll need supporting digital media.

As an experienced futurist broadcaster, I can offer presentations, videos, conference themes, podcasts, Twitter chats and more.

Reach more audiences and repurpose your content for the long term.

Stuck for ideas? Give me a call.

Content marketing campaigns

While futurist articles and reports can support your business, a full content marketing campaign goes the extra mile. In the past, I have worked with brands such as AutoTrader, LG and Sony Pictures. From podcasts to social media snippets, guest posts and interviews, these campaigns have driven sales and answered the unanswerable.

Find out how I helped Virgin Media launch their hyperfast broadband campaign >

Future content clients include:

auto trader logo
hyperoptic logo

“Tom’s structured approach helps us to create compelling stories about tomorrow that have a legitimate grounding in today’s reality. These form the basis of campaigns that our clients can be proud of and their customers want to read.”

Case Study: CMS and the Future of Energy

future of energy report

Learn more about my future analysis and strategic advice for global law firm CMS. Using my Intersections methodology, I produced a 27-page report on the ‘Future of Energy: The Balance of Power’.

The report formed part of a wider campaign including a live panel speaker session in front of 150 industry specialists. Read more to find out how these reports could drive awareness and showcase your knowledge within your sector.

Future-proof your business

Be prepared for the future wherever you are with one of my published works.

Future-Proof Your Business will help you to build an agile organisation and make decisions faster.

High Frequency Change explains why the pace of change is faster than ever – and how you can get your head around it.

Aftershocks and Opportunities speaks to 30 global futurists about a post-pandemic future. Learn more about post-pandemic change in the workplace.

Discover more from Tom Cheesewright

Curious to learn more but not sure where to start?.

Learn more about what it takes to be an applied futurist. Order my latest book, subscribe to the newsletter or commission me for a guest post. There’s even a podcast covering the issues affecting your sector right now, and in the future.

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