What would you do if you could clone yourself? Meet my personal AI.

What would you do if you could clone yourself? Meet my personal AI.

What would you do if you could clone yourself? Meet my personal AI.

Imagine you could clone yourself. What could you achieve?

What if there was a digital you, that knew what you knew. Knew everything you said or wrote. That was intimately familiar with your style. And that could respond to questions on your behalf. Or even help you to crystallise your own thoughts.

I’ve been lucky to be one of the first people to get such a machine. Meet tom.personal.ai. Or tom for short.

tom is a virtual me, primed with hundreds of thousands of words of my writing, from my books, my blog, and my social media. It’s learning more about me every day, feeding on my creative output from the last ten years. It’s beginning to absorb my podcasts, my presentations, and more.

Now you can ask tom questions, just like my clients do.

As an applied futurist I work with some of the largest companies in the world – brands like Pepsi, Mars, Google, Meta, Ford and BMW. They commission me to explore the future or to teach them to do it for themselves. But I only have so much time.

With tom, I can open up my work to a huge new audience, not as static blogposts or ageing presentations, but as dynamic content. tom can be a virtual collaborator for a new range of clients, offering insight and inspiration on the topics that are relevant to them.

What would you want to ask a futurist?

This is just the beginning for personal AIs. It is a huge privilege to be part of the first wave of these robots hitting the internet, because it is a concept I have been talking about for over five years.

I strongly believe that in the age of the metaverse we will need a machine that knows us. One that can help us to navigate the complexity of a world where the boundaries between physical and digital have fallen. And one that can help us to maximise our own cognitive capabilities – and our time.

The company, Personal AI, that has built tom, is starting us down a road to where AI technologies can be really useful. Not for big companies but for us as individuals, releasing us to do more, create more, and have more fun.

You can interact with tom now, over at metaverse.personal.ai. It’s early days so it’s still learning. Ask it some questions and see what it says. Share the answers!

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