16th October 2018

Facebook Facing the Same Challenge As Every Media Owner: Editorial Integrity vs Advertising Revenue

So Facebook’s results are out and they are largely positive — at least as positive […]

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28th September 2018

Two steps forward, one step back

Driving through the Italian countryside on the way back to Rome’s Ciampino airport, an ancient […]

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18th September 2018

Save your career. Get a new hobby

Up there with the most frequent questions I am asked is this: “What should I […]

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13th September 2018

Brexit & the two Canutes

Amazingly, this week marks the first time a client has asked me, formally, to look […]

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7th September 2018

Transport technology has shaped our cities, and will continue shape them in the future

The modern motor car is really only 80 years old, or thereabouts. It was in […]

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30th August 2018

We need to differentiate between future jobs and future work

There are many estimates of how many jobs might be susceptible to automation in the […]

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21st August 2018

Sensory Overload

It’s fashionable to knock email at the moment. Plenty of articles have been written about […]

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Is our future fractured or diverse?

Who are you? How is that identity defined? What groups do you associate with? And […]

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17th August 2018

Simplicity is hard. That’s why it is valuable.

Simplicity is hard. That’s why it is valuable. I am subject to one criticism more […]

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8th August 2018

Every question is easy when you know the answer

With the exception of the occasional pub quiz polymath, most of us have our specialist […]

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Tom Cheesewright