22nd June 2022

What would you do if you could clone yourself? Meet my personal AI.

Imagine you could clone yourself. What could you achieve? What if there was a digital […]

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1st June 2022

Future food industry – will we be making food in space?

The future of food industry has lots of potential, from farming to growing food in space. Find out more in the latest blog.

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What’s in the future for food technology?

Where will we be with food technology in the coming years? Find out more about automation and the future kitchen.

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What will we eat in the future?

My goal is to answer other people’s questions on this blog. Questions like, “Will we […]

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What will cities be like in the future?

If we are to address some of the major crises of our time: climate change, […]

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What’s the future for the construction industry?

The construction industry desperately needs modernising. See how trends in city planning and materials are changing its face.

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Why smart cities are important

The term ‘smart city’ means different things to different people. There is something close to […]

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The future of the city: how can communities work together for change?

If you want to save the planet, live in a city. Even better, live in a […]

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17th December 2021

What to expect in 2022

With the new year approaching it’s time for some predictions and a review of what has passed. This is what to expect in 2022

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23rd July 2021

Entering the Metaverse

What is the metaverse? And why is it such a hot topic all of a sudden? This is your introduction to the world of mixed reality.

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Tom Cheesewright