10th July 2019

Future careers: tell your own story

Future careers are different to those in the past, not just because of novel jobs but because of a fundamental change in the structure of our working lives

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4th July 2019

Will we ever put microchips in our brains?

Will we ever put microchips in our brains? Sure. But not yet. Here are three reasons why a neural interface is still a few years away.

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27th June 2019

Tomorrow’s worker is always performing, and that might not be healthy

When you’re living on the edge, you’re always exposed. Tomorrow’s worker may always be performing and that may have a cost to their mental health.

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20th June 2019

The future high street is about community, not commerce

The future high street will see four generations of family living, working, playing and learning together. There will be fewer shops but a lot more life.

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13th June 2019

Is immersive entertainment the future?

What is immersive entertainment? And how will it change as audiovisual technology advances and our experience economy evolves?

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7th June 2019

Why milk tells us everything about the future of content

The future of content is shaped by the massive explosion in choice that we have experienced as consumers and creators alike.

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30th May 2019

3D printing might still change everything

3D printing still offers the potential for a revolution in the way we design, manufacture and buy goods. But it’s not going to happen very soon.

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21st May 2019

Future Job: Algorithm Archaeologist

Algorithm archaeologists will help us dig through layers of complexity to understand the bias inherent in our systems and automated decisions

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14th May 2019

Predicting the future is all about time

Predicting what is going to happen is easy. The hard part is predicting when it is going to happen. This is the challenge of futurism.

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9th May 2019

The future of recruitment

The future of recruitment will be defined by high frequency change and the response of our organisations to that challenge.

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Tom Cheesewright