Future of Food

Future of Food

“What will we eat and drink in the future? The future of food is subject to enormous pressures and constantly changing trends. Tomorrow’s diets will be based on an explosion of choice and incredible array of data. Will we choose for ourselves? How will our food be produced? What new ingredients can we expect to see? And how will all of this affect our environment?

Collected on this page is a variety of my work on the future of food, including conference talks, blog posts, and reports. If you are looking for a speaker, commentator, writer or expert on the future of food, then drop me a line via the contact form. Or just read on to find out more about how food and drink will change and evolve in tomorrow’s world.

Futurist tom cheesewright in a professional kitchen

Tom Cheesewright filming in a professional development kitchen for a segment on the future of food technology

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Creating the Future Pizza

“Working with the PR company for the Big Bang Fair, a huge event for young people interested in science and technology, I created the future pizza.

The pizza is a response to global challenges like climate change, new technological possibilities, and our changing cultural preferences. It incorporates innovative ingredients like vertically-grown tomatoes, nut-based cheese, and flour made from insects!

The story went global, securing coverage in most of the UK national press, and attracting the interest of Germany’s most popular science show, Galileo.”

Want to know what it’s like to work with Tom? Read this case study about the future pizza project to find out.

Future of Food: Tomorrow’s Kitchen

“How do kitchen designers respond to our changing food needs and behaviours? What will be the impact of changing demographics and living trends?

Over recent years I have been asked to look at the future kitchen on multiple occasions, as part of my work on the future of food. I’ve worked with the famous kitchen designer, Johnny Grey, with the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, and with Sainsbury’s Bank on this question. “


Profile: KBB Review

In 2017, Tom was interviewed by the trade magazine for the kitchen design industry, KBB Review. Read the profile here where he talks about the trends affecting the future of kitchen design and the future of food.

Future of Food Clients

“The future of food is of critical importance to all of humanity, but it is also critical to the future of many of my clients from industry bodies, to manufacturers and producers, to retailers, restaurants and bars. 

If you think I can help you, as a keynote futurist speaker at your event, as a part of your future marketing campaigns, or as a consultant on your future of food strategy, please get in touch.”

Future of Food: Blog Posts

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