Future of Finance

The Future of Finance

“The Future of Finance is a huge topic for futurists, with the everything from the office of finance, to the future bank in a state of flux.

I’ve covered money, payments, blockchain, fintech, accounting, fundraising, planning, budgeting & forecasting, analytics and more, across conference keynotes, reports, media interviews and reports. I’ve worked with technology companies, financial advisers, banks, building societies, accountants, and industry bodies aimed at all of them, all to help them see the future of finance more clearly.

Collected on this page is a variety of my work on the future of all aspects of finance, including conference talks, blog posts, and reports. If you are looking for a speaker, commentator, writer or expert on the future of finance, then drop me a line via the contact form. Or just read on to find out more about the future of finance.”

Futurist speaker Tom Cheesewright talking about the future of finance at the Yolt Unthink Tank

Futurist speaker Tom Cheesewright speaking about the future of personal finance at the Yolt Unthink Tank at Barclays Eagle Lab, Manchester

Future of Finance Clients

Future of Money

“I’ve been fascinated by the future of money since I was asked to give the opening keynote at Finextra‘s Future Money conference in London in 2015. Since then, money and payments have been major topics for me, particularly in terms of media engagement. The rise (and fall) of cryptocurrencies, and the decline of cash, have both provided frequent reasons for me to be invited into radio studios and called up by print and online journalists for comment.”

raconteur, published on The TimesTom Cheesewright was interviewed alongside other futurists about the future of money and cryptocurrency for Raconteur.

Read the story

is bitcoin the future of finance?
introduction to the future of finance at Imagin bank, CaixaBank's ImaginCafe in Barcelona from Jordi Guaus, digital marketing director

Getting an introduction to CaixaBank’s Imagin bank from digital marketing director, Jordi Guaus, at the ImaginCafe in Barcelona

Future Bank

“Banks have faced constant disruption since the dawn of the digital age, and the pace of change is not slowing down. Customer expectations continue to advance, constantly reset by the standards of Silicon Valley – and increasingly China’s – digital leaders. This threatens the position of the established banks and creates new challenges in terms of technology, standards and skills across every aspect of the future bank.

These are issues I’ve addressed working with the likes of HSBC, and speaking at conference like Efma’s Channels and Customer Experience forum.”

hsbc logoTom Cheesewright worked with HSBC on a report on the future skills needed in banking.

Read the story on Fintech Innovation here

Office of Finance

“One my earliest clients as a full-time futurist was the Institute of Chartered Accountants and ever since I’ve been working on the evolution of the office of finance. My work with Canadian software vendor Prophix has given me scope to explore the evolution of this critical business function through original research and direct engagement with CFOs and FDs around the world. My analysis has covered the automation of basic processes, to the improvement of Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting (PBF), and critical issues like technology, skills, and process improvement.”

Watch Tom’s keynote on the future of finance from the Prophix User Conference in Toronto, Canada, in 2018

sketch artist's rendition of futurist speaker Tom Cheesewright's talk at Yolt Unthinktank

A sketch artist detailed Tom’s talk about the future at Yolt’s UnthinkTank event in Manchester

Personal Finance

“The world of personal finance is changing as fast, if not faster than the world of corporate finance. It is subject to multiple, parallel waves of high frequency change. Fintech businesses have recognised the opportunity to disrupt the incumbent banks, but the banks are fighting back, investing heavily in innovation.

This creates huge opportunities for individuals to experiment with how they manage their money, make payments, and find services like insurance. But it also creates a lot of potential confusion. We’re seeing massive shifts in behaviour between generations, different attitudes to debt, and perhaps most interestingly, changing destinations for spending. The incoming generations care a lot more about what they do than what they own, partly because they are priced out of some purchases, but partly because we have re-evaluated what defines a ‘good life’ and what establishes status.”

Future of Finance: Blog Posts

The future of consumer credit

Our attitudes to debt are changing, while technology eases our access to borrowing. What is the future of consumer credit in a low-friction world?

#AskAFuturist: When will we see the end of cash?

“What year doth dosh disappear forever?” This was the precise question asked on Twitter by Sandy Lindsay MBE. Here’s my answer.

How to be hyper-decisive

Hyper-decisiveness is a critical part of building a future-ready organisation, but to build it you need more than just technology

Building the Bionic Banker

When it comes to our banking interactions, there is good friction and there is bad friction. Eliminate the good friction and you risk customer loyalty.

Raging against the invisible machine

The Luddites smashed machines they could see that were taking their jobs. How will the new Luddites rage against invisible, ephemeral machines?

TSB: When tech is everything, failure is only human

Technology failures are almost always human failures when you examine the detail. Technology allows us to do more and shouldn’t take the blame.

Future Payments: Informed implicit consent

Cash usage is declining at an incredible rate. What will future payments look like? Frictionless, automatic, and based on implied consent.

Blockchain will change the world. Or not.

Twice this week, people have relayed to me incredible promises for the power of blockchain […]

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