Future of humanity

Future of Humanity

“Millions of years of evolution has created us, humans, a species capable of incredible things. How will we change over the coming years as we face the impacts of our own success, and the prospect of steering our own future evolution? The future of humanity is about change in the critical aspects of our everyday modern lives, and ourselves. The future of society, the future of health, the future of food, the future of sport, and the future of education.

How will technology affect the way we live and love, work and play, earn and spend, get born, raised, and die?” 

Tom Cheesewright talking about the evolution of humans and our 3.5m year reliance on technology at Creative North in Manchester

Future of Humanity: Health

“200 years ago you could expect to live to 40. Today, if you’re lucky enough to be born in wealthier parts of the world, you can expect to live to twice that. How far can our age extension go? And can we live these extra years in good health?

With the global population set to peak in the next century, how do we maximise healthy lives for all? What combination of public health, medicine, fitness and nutrition will be required?

I work with pharmaceutical companies and industry bodies, food manufacturers, government bodies and healthcare providers to look at these challenges and help to plot a course forward.”

Tom worked with Tim Lovejoy and production company ClearStory to produce a series of shorts for Channel 4 about life in the future, including this episode about the future of health.

Future of Humanity: Food

“What will we eat in the future? Our food and drink choices are defined by so many things: history and culture, environment and agriculture, science and technology, fashion, fitness, and finance. How do we see what’s next?

I’ve worked with people from across the food and drink industries, from manufacturers and distillers, to restaurants and bars, retailers, industry bodies and consultants, to look at the future of food: what we eat and drink, how we make it, how we buy it, and what it does to our world.”

Want to know more?

Check out my page dedicated to all my future of food projects and blog posts. You’ll find more material here about my work on the future pizza, and the future kitchen, as well as stories about future bars – even ones in space!

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Want to know what it’s like to work with Tom? Read this case study about the future pizza project with The Big Bang Fair and Cow PR.

Future of Humanity: Sport

“Contest has been a critical part of our culture for thousands of years. Will it remain so in the future? And if so, what does the future of sport look like? I was commissioned by Grosvenor Casinos and Edit PR to look at the future of five different sports: Tennis, Football, Running, Formula 1, and E-Sports.

Together we produced this fantastic website featuring a series of predictions for the decades ahead. Check it out to find out how I think changes in culture and technology will change your favourite sport.”

Future of Humanity: Society

“How will society evolve in the future? I am fascinated by change in our society at every level: local, national and international? How will our communities evolve in an increasingly diverse and digitally-global environment? How does politics change to accommodate the accelerated flow of information and the threat of disinformation? How does our sense of identity change as we understand more about ourselves – the things that connect and divide us?

These are topics that I cover in a loosely grouped set of thoughts, posts and commissioned client work under the heading of the future of society.”

Is tomorrow’s society diverse or fractured?

We can rejoice in the diversity of modern society while also being concerned about the loss of a shared set of civic values and institutions. In this post I ask the question whether our hyper-connected society is diverse or fractured, losing the shared values and institutions that connect us.

Future of Humanity Clients

“Naturally, the future of humanity is the concern of all my clients. Even on projects that don’t relate directly to the topics above, questions around society, education, and welfare always crop up during the course of our work together.

If you think I can help you, as a keynote futurist speaker at your event, as a part of your future marketing campaigns, or as a consultant on your understanding of the future of humanity, please get in touch.”

Future of Humanity: Blog Posts

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